4 Different Types Of Headaches You Need To Know

Headaches are a common complaint that young and old can experience every now and then. While headaches can be painful, a person can deal with them with a simple pain reliever or rest. Some would need to visit a headache specialist in Singapore. However, most would go away within a few hours after.

There are various types of headaches with different causes and symptoms in the medical world. For most of us, the headaches we experience are often interchangeable. However, recognising and understanding these different types can help you to treat it with a headache or migraine specialist in Singapore. Here are the most common types of headaches:


Migraine is often known for its throbbing pain, where a person might experience nausea and a tingling sensation. Migraine attacks can recur and may last for a few hours. Anxiety, stress, lack of sleep/deprivation, skipping meals and hormonal changes can trigger migraine. However, you can treat it with simple rest or an ice pack/cloth on the forehead. Others can also opt for cryotherapy in Singapore to relieve the pain.

Menstrual headache

Menstrual headache is caused by hormonal changes, especially during the ovulation period or changes in oestrogen level. It can last for days. However, it is treated with hormonal therapy or taking oral contraception plans.

Cluster headache

Cluster headache is a piercing, severe pain around the eye and tends to recur more than a few times a day. It can last a few minutes to hours and can persist for weeks to months. Treatment can range from oxygen therapy to verapamil or steroid use. You should consider visiting a headache specialist if the pain is severe. There is no known direct cause for cluster headaches. However, they tend to occur more in smokers.

Sinus headaches

Sinus headaches happen if you have sinusitis (which comes from an allergic reaction or infection that affects the sinuses). Patients can experience a throbbing pain that’s often spread to the jaw, accompanied by a reduced sense of smell and nasal discharge. Pain relief, nasal decongestants and rest can treat a sinus headache.

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