4 Tips to Help You Prevent Back Pain

Back pain is second on the list of reasons why people seek medical attention. It is a common problem but may sometimes indicate an underlying condition, including osteoarthritis. Most people develop East Brunswick back pain due to poor posture and certain lifestyle habits. Fortunately, simple adjustments in your day-to-day activities can help treat mild back pain and prevent future occurrences. Below are things you can do to reduce back pain or prevent it from developing.

  1. Exercise

Anyone with back pain may quickly resort to total bed rest, which does more harm to your body. The muscles are meant to be in motion, and when you remain still, they become stiff or rigid. As always, simple activities such as picking an object from the ground may produce pain. You are also more likely to hurt your back when you are unfit than when you are not.

For this reason, it is best to keep moving and exercise whether you have back pain or not. However, it is essential to consult your doctor because some back pains worsen with physical activity. Working with a fitness trainer can help you make the most out of your exercises. They know the strengthening practices your body can handle, and they may also recommend some forms of yoga to help you develop flexibility and proper posture.

  1. Watch your weight

Excess body weight can develop back pain or worsen the existing problem. Extra weight on your mid-section shifts the center of gravity and exerts additional pressure on your lower back. Specialists recommended keeping it around 10 pounds of your ideal weight for your overall well-being. Losing weight helps you prevent back pain and gets you in shape.

Exercise is a common way in which people shed extra pounds. You can engage in low-intensity or high-intensity workouts at least every day. A trainer can help you create a schedule to spread the exercises evenly across the week. You may not lose all the weight overnight, which is why you need to be patient and consistent in your weight loss journey.

  1. Quit smoking

The nicotine in cigarettes narrows your blood vessels, limiting blood transport to your body organs, including your bones. Inadequate blood supply means that there is also insufficient oxygen and nutrients. The bones therefore weaken and become susceptible to fractures. Smoking also limits the efficacy of medication that doctors use for back pain.

Besides preventing back pain, quitting smoking reduces your risk for other illnesses such as lung cancer. Joining a support group can be helpful as you recover from chronic smoking.

  1. Maintain the right posture

Use an ergonomic chair whenever you need to sit for long hours since it supports your lower back. Ensure your computer screen is at eye level to avoid bending each time you use your laptop. Each time you need to sit for a long, take breaks after every 30 minutes to walk around and stretch. Doing this can help take the stress off your back.

While back pain may be a common problem, seeking a professional’s help is always essential. Book an appointment with your doctor today at Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates, LLP, to diagnose and treat back pain.

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