4 Ways an Audiologist in Singapore Can Help You

An audiologist is a physician that specialises in diagnosing and treating problems related to our auditory system. While you may think that an audiologist in Singapore has a specific and limited job, it is not often the case. Today, we will share other ways an audiologist can help various patients.

People go to an audiologist when they experience problems with their hearing. Hearing loss is among the most common reasons for seeing an audiologist. He often diagnoses the condition of the patient and sees what causes the hearing loss. The audiologist may also recommend the best hearing aid in Singapore based on the age, severity of the hearing problem and budget of the patient. Apart from these, here are some other ways an audiologist can help:

1. Discuss How Hearing Aids Works

The first question for people who would need to wear hearing aids for the first time is probably, ‘How do hearing aids work?’ An audiologist will help his patients understand how hearing aids can help them live a normal life after hearing loss. It is also the job of an audiologist to orient the patients about the proper ways to wear and take care of their hearing aids.

Some audiologists also conduct seminars about hearing problems, how a hearing aid works and how to help friends and family who have hearing problems.

2. Design a Hearing Test

One of the lesser-known roles of an audiologist is to create hearing tests. The online hearing test you may have come across on the internet is made by an audiologist. In the same way, when you visit a hearing clinic and your doctor assesses your hearing capabilities, he is also using a hearing test that may have been personally designed or designed by other audiologists.

3. Diagnose Tinnitus, Vertigo & More

Hearing loss is not the only thing an audiologist diagnoses and treats. Several health conditions are also associated with our auditory system. For instance, tinnitus, the condition wherein the patient hears sounds continuously beeping when there is no physical source, is also diagnosed by an audiologist. He may also diagnose vertigo, persistent hiccups and other conditions related to the ears.

4. Provide Screening

An audiologist is also one of the doctors that provide health screening for school and work applicants. Most schools and companies have auditory screening and annual auditory checkups for their students and employees respectively.

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