5 Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents Caused by Other Motorists

Bicycles are a great means of transportation, but as a vehicle, they are very dangerous. There is more than twice the risk of dying if you’re riding your bicycle than if you’re driving a car. The cause of a bicycle accident might not always be the rider himself. Bicycle accidents can also occur due to other motorists. You can learn more about what you can do if you are injured in a bicycle accident caused by another motorist by seeking the help of a bicycle accident lawyer.

Some of the common causes of bicycle accidents caused by other motorists are:

  • Not using proper turn signals

Not using turn signals or improper use of turn signals can be dangerous not only to you but to other motorists as well. When you turn on your signal, the other drivers behind you will know that you are turning. By not using proper turn signals, those behind you might not know if you are planning to turn and if you stop suddenly, it can lead to an accident.

  • Speeding or tailgating

This is one of the most common causes of accidents. In fact, speed is often the major cause of death in accidents. If a driver was speeding near you or tailgating you, then they would not be able to stop at the right time to prevent an accident. A mistake like this might mean that you have to seek compensation for your injuries.

  • Distracted driving

There are many reasons why someone might be distracted while driving, such as using the telephone, applying makeup, texting and reading. The constant use of cell phones can distract drivers from the road, which can lead to accidents. Drivers who are texting or eating while driving might not notice a bicyclist around their vehicle due to its smaller size.

  • Driving under the influence

When drivers are drunk or on drugs, they can easily cause accidents. They might not be able to control their vehicle and stop it in time. This can lead to a crash and serious injuries for bicyclists. Bicycles are particularly vulnerable because they are smaller and can be easily hit.

  • Not using proper lanes

Drivers and bicyclists have a responsibility to use proper lanes when riding. If a driver is riding against traffic or in the wrong lane, then an accident can occur. It is the driver’s job to look out for bicycles and not make them squeeze into narrow lanes. 

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