5 Things You Should Not Do After Wellness Massage

The benefits of wellness massage are various. It is used to treat and even prevent many diseases and disorders. Additionally, it can aid in improving one’s physical and mental health.

On a pamper day, when you have a massage plus a facial treatment in Singapore, you may say goodbye to stress, discomfort, and tense muscles for good. However, it would help to keep these things in mind after your wellness massage.

1. Skipping water

Drinking plenty of water before and after a wellness massage will flush out the toxins and waste products your body has been pumping around more freely. It’s not recommended that you cut back on your water consumption after getting a massage. The skin can benefit from both detoxification and rehydration.

2. Use hot water

Because your muscles are already irritated from the deep massage, you shouldn’t use any icy-hot or other items that add heat to your routine. It is especially crucial for pregnant mothers who are getting a womb massage. After your wellness massage, icing the aching muscle for only 15 minutes is the greatest technique to alleviate the pain.

3. Heavy meal consumption

You may find that you’re hungry after getting a wellness massage. However, if you eat too much, you may also have feelings of fullness, sluggishness, or sleepiness. Small and healthy food is your best bet when you want to feel more refreshed after getting a massage.

4. Exercising immediately

Give your body a break and let it savour how it feels after some time off. After a relaxing massage, it’s important to let your body and mind relax. For women who have cramps and recently went for moxibustion in Singapore, resting is also a good idea.

5. Alcohol intake

Although alcohol drinking is a stress reliever for some, it does not help with detoxification or hydration. If you had an additional gua sha facial in Singapore, you will only most likely result in a puffy face instead of reducing it.

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