7 Major Reasons to Target Bioengineered Skin Grafts

Bio-engineered skin grafts are one of the most important innovations in modern medicine. In San Antonio, Texas, they allow doctors to treat patients who otherwise would have lost much or all of their skin due to severe burns, large wounds, and other serious injuries. However, before undergoing bio-engineered skin grafts in San Antonio, find a suitable medical facility. Below are seven main reasons for considering the procedure.

  • High Accuracy Rate

Bio-engineered skin grafts treat severe burns, large wounds, and other serious injuries that would otherwise cause most of a patient’s skin to become damaged or be lost. When it comes to bioengineered skin grafts, the accuracy rate is about 100%. That means that not only does the procedure help patients recover from these injuries, but it plays a significant role in minimizing scarring.

  • A Rapid Recovery Process

The patients who undergo this form of treatment usually experience it because a large percentage of their skin has been damaged or lost. Issues with the respiratory system, eyes, and other vital organs can also arise if too much skin is missing from the body. This means that a rapid recovery process is critical for the patient’s overall health.

  • A Lower Risk of Infection

One of the most dangerous side effects of a severe burn or other injury is infection. Some injuries are so bad they cause blood poisoning, anemia, and hypothermia. A bioengineered skin graft can prevent these and other severe medical conditions.

  • Safe And Reliable Result

The other reason why over half of a million patients per year are treated with bio-engineered skin grafts is that there are practically no risks involved.

More than fifty years of clinical research have confirmed the absence of side effects. An essential advantage of bio-engineered grafts, distinguished from conventional ones which contain the patient’s skin cells, is that the risk of disease transmission is eliminated.

  • Highly Effective And Long-Term Solution

Bio-engineered skin grafts are highly effective in treating burn wounds, deep cuts, and other injuries to improve the patient’s quality of life. As for their long-term effectiveness, bio-engineered skin grafts can last for several years, depending on the nature of the injury.

  • Easy to Monitor

Once the transplant is completed, it can be monitored with ease using the latest anti-rejection drugs, enabling patients to receive fast and effective treatment. There are no limitations on physical activity after recovery with bioengineered skin grafts.

  • Relatively Scar Free

One of the biggest concerns for people who have suffered injuries that damaged or removed a large percentage of their skin is whether or not they will have visible scars. Bio-engineered grafts avoid this concern by minimizing scarring and other side effects such as discoloration, itching, and tightness.

  • Skin Transplants Eliminated

One of the most significant advantages that bioengineered skin grafts offer over traditional transplants is eliminating the risk of rejection from the body. Skin grafts are a type of transplant, which means that as time goes on, there is a chance the patient’s body will reject them. Bio-engineered skin grafts reduce this risk because they consist of cells and proteins originating from the patient’s tissue, making them perfectly compatible with the patient’s body.

Bio-engineered skin grafts are revolutionizing how severe burns, large wounds, and other serious injuries are treated. With a high accuracy rate, the rapid recovery process, lower risk of infection, safe and reliable results, and easy-to-monitor aftercare, bio-engineered skin grafts offer patients a highly effective and long-term solution for their medical needs.

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