Best Countries For Your Next Spacation ?

Nothing beats the feeling of being pampered and massaged in a calm spa environment. The spa day is definitely the highlight of many of your vacations and it might as well be the most stress-free day too. 

If you’ve never missed a spa day during your past vacation then you might be the type of person who loves spacations. This makes it important for you to know exactly which countries and cities offer the best spa experience in the world.  

We have compiled a list of countries that are known for their exception massage techniques and are very popular among people who love spas! 


First on the list is the country named Indonesia. Apart from being a popular honeymoon destination, it also hosts few of the most amazing spas in the world. Thanks to the young couples and families that visit this island country, Indonesia has a huge market for spas. 

If you are in Bali then you have the option to explore some of the most unique spas in the world. The spa resorts and packages lets you choose from a huge range of body massages and therapies. Indonesia is known for its famous jungle spas and resorts. It is a perfect wellness retreat and spa-cation for you. 


Did you know that more than 6 million people visit the Bahamas islands and land in the popular capital city Nassau? Nassau city hosts a large number of body massage centres and wellness spas.

The spa experience in the Bahamas is extremely popular among American & international tourists visiting the islands. Thanks to the positive calm vibe of the city, anyone seeking a great spa experience in Nassau never returns disappointed. 

Any spa you visit in the Bahamas offers you a huge range of body massage therapies, skin treatments, and additional services like waxing or haircuts. One can get so many things done in one room. Thus allowing you to make the most of their spa day(s). 

Nassau Bahamas massage therapists are licensed professionals and are known to uphold higher work standards. This is the reason you can expect an amazing stress-reliever massage whenever you visit a spa in Nassau

If you want to experience the hospitality and professionalism of the Bahamas spas then plan your next spacation to this beautiful country. 


Know for its small affordable spas and great service. Thailand is a popular destination among spa lovers and the country is flooded with spas that offer a host of body massage services. The most popular massage in Thailand is the full-body massage and the extremely affordable foot massage. 

You can literally find hundreds of foot massage shops when walking in the market streets. It is a paradise for anyone who likes to have their foot massaged at an extremely affordable price. 

Thailand is also home to several gorgeous islands and has loads of different experiences one can enjoy. The weather in Thailand might upset as it gets a little more humid during the days and one has to be prepared for dealing with a lot of body sweat. 


Hope this helps you find your next spacation stop!