Daily dental care you should practice at home

Implants, surgeries, prostheses, tooth whitening – modern advances in dentistry are remarkable. Currently, there are treatments for the most diverse oral problems, from stained to poorly positioned teeth. Without a doubt, the dentist near you is probably the best ally in the search for a beautiful smile. What many people do not know is that the main factor involved in oral health is the small daily care that we keep neglecting. After all, prevention is the best medicine.

Do you want to find out what are the main daily cares essential to keep your oral health up to date?

Only use brushes less than 3 months old

When was the last time you changed your toothbrush? Many people do not know, but the useful life of this indispensable accessory for teeth hygiene is only three months. This is because daily use promotes the gradual wear of the bristles, reducing their efficiency in brushing. The accumulation of water on the brush head creates a perfect environment for the development of bacteria and fungi that can compromise oral health.

Choose suitable toothpaste to promote oral health

Many people mistakenly believe that toothpaste has the sole function of facilitating the movement of the brush. In fact, toothpaste plays a key role in preventing cavities, strengthening tooth enamel and protecting against bacteria. Currently, the market has a wide variety of products that offer benefits that go beyond oral hygiene – tartar control, whitening, antibacterial protection and even decreased sensitivity in the teeth.

Floss your teeth every day

The use of dental floss is the step of daily hygiene that is most resisted by a large part of the population. Nevertheless, using this accessory at least once a day is essential to remove food residues between the teeth or close to the gum. Using dental floss correctly prevents gum inflammation, bleeding, cavities and diseases caused by the accumulation of bacterial plaque between the teeth.

Redouble hygiene before bed

The hygiene of the teeth at night is the most important for a very simple reason. During sleep, the flow of salivation decreases, making the mouth a favorable environment for the action of bacteria that cause cavities and diseases that harm health. Nighttime hygiene should include flossing, brushing your teeth and even your tongue.

Use the mouthwash to avoid stains on your teeth

One of the main causes of stains and darkening of the teeth is the consumption of some foods and drinks with excess pigmentation (wine, coffee, black tea) or very acidic (soft drinks, citrus fruits). It is impossible to avoid all these foods, but there is a simple way to prevent this problem. Just rinse your mouth vigorously with water before brushing your teeth, removing excess dyes and acidity. This simple habit also prevents the acidity of food from further damaging tooth enamel through brush friction.

In the end

The consequences of neglecting daily oral hygiene care can be serious: from simple cavities and bad breath to stained teeth or periodontal disease, gum problems and even compromise of several teeth. Therefore, investing in hygiene through daily habits is the best way to promote oral health and ensure a healthy smile throughout your life. There are many dental practices that you can contact for more information about how to create and maintain optimal oral health.

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