Eye Surgery: 11 Effective Recovery Tips for LASIK Surgery in Singapore

When it comes to vision correction and improvement, LASIK surgery in Singapore is one of the best options available. Millions of patients worldwide have benefited from the surgery as its popularity has increased over the years.

Physicians believe that patients should be aware of the various aspects of LASIK surgery to comprehend what is involved and at stake. Therefore, the purpose of this guide is to shed light on the post-LASIK recovery process for patients.

Following LASIK surgery in Singapore, here are some useful recovery tips.


1. Rest your eyes after LASIK.

LASIK is incredible and has a short recovery time, but it is still a surgical procedure. As with any surgery, it is essential to begin the recovery process with vigour. The best thing you can do following your LASIK procedure is to return home and sleep. And once the anaesthetic eye drops have worn off, you may experience discomfort. After taking over-the-counter pain medication, resting is the best way to alleviate discomfort. Even if you can’t fall asleep, closing your eyes and resting for two to three hours after LASIK is beneficial.

2. Request assistance settling into your home after surgery.

Due to the temporary blurred vision and light sensitivity, you will not be able to drive or take public transportation home after your LASIK surgery in Singapore. And once you return home, you’ll be thankful for a friend who can tuck you into bed, administer your eye drops, or cook you a meal.

3. Attend every scheduled appointment.

There are follow-up appointments associated with a LASIK procedure in Singapore. As a LASIK patient, you must assume responsibility. And if you cannot attend all follow-up appointments with your eye doctor, LASIK may not be appropriate for you.

These follow-up appointments are essential because they allow your doctor to monitor your recovery progress. If you experience a complication or your vision does not appear to improve, they will be able to detect it early.

4. Plan your post-operative meals.

It is especially the case if you live alone. Imagine slicing vegetables with impaired vision; it would not be simple or safe. To avoid cooking, you can prepare meals in advance, stock up on microwaveable meals and salads, or pre-order delivery meals. Consider purchasing paper plates and cups to avoid washing dishes for the first few days after your ReLEx SMILE eye treatment in Singapore.

5. Consume a substantial meal before your surgery.

Since LASIK and PRK do not require general anaesthesia (you receive numbing eye drops and, if necessary, anxiety medication), you should eat well the morning of your surgery. It is because you cannot predict how you will feel after your procedure, and you may need to rest your eyes for several hours or even until the next day. And if you did not consume a substantial meal before surgery, you will awaken ravenously.

6. Take all medications as directed.

Physicians recommend anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial eye drops for optimal results following a LASIK procedure in Singapore. And to alleviate dryness, you will use preservative-free artificial tears. You must strictly adhere to the guidelines! In many instances, this may necessitate administering the drops multiple times per day or even hourly. Failure to take them could result in severe complications or a prolonged recovery following the procedure. In addition, if you have LASIK and experience dry eye symptoms, you should inform your doctor. To effectively treat your symptoms, your eye drop regimen may need to be modified.

7. Keep eye drops in the refrigerator.

The LASIK surgeon in Singapore will send you home with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory eye drops. You will appreciate the sensation of cold and soothing eye drops on your eyes. Because you may experience dry eyes early on in your recovery, you will apply preservative-free artificial tears to your eyes. Keep a few vials in your pocket at all times and the remaining vials in the refrigerator.


8. Women must avoid wearing makeup for at least one week.

The last thing anyone wants to do after LASIK eye surgery in Singapore is to go a week without eye makeup, but it is necessary. It is because makeup is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Your eyes will be more susceptible to complications after LASIK.

Any application of makeup near the eyes increases the risk of infection. It includes eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, and false eyelashes. After a SMILE LASIK procedure in Singapore, you should refrain from wearing eye makeup for at least one week. Your physician will inform you when it is safe to apply eye makeup again.

9. Purchase a lightweight cold compress for your eyes.

If you must undergo eye surgery, placing something cool (but not freezing) on your eyelids and forehead may make your eyes feel less irritated. It will help you fall asleep more quickly. Before applying compresses to your eyes, please consult your eye surgeon for approval.


10. Shower and rinse your hair on the day of your operation.

Doctors advise SMILE LASIK patients in Singapore not to moisten their eyes for days. Washing your hair naturally increases eye water. Therefore, they tell their patients to avoid showering for 24 hours and washing their hair and faces for several days. A damp washcloth can clean your face and eyes. If soap and water get in your eyes, don’t rub them; use artificial tears instead. Avoid saunas and hot tubs for a month after surgery.

11. Don’t rub your eyes.

It takes time for the cornea to heal after LASIK surgery in Singapore, and rubbing your eyes may cause the flap to shift or develop wrinkles. You will be provided with goggles or other eye protection immediately following surgery. Your physician may recommend that you wear these to bed for the first week. It is to prevent you from rubbing your eyes while you sleep.


Do not rush back into life too quickly after your surgery. Even though you’re ecstatic to see so clearly and eager to resume your routine, your eyes require time to recover. Ensure adequate rest in addition to the following recommendations for optimal recovery.

If you want to learn more about ReLEx SMILE surgeries in Singapore, call Nova Eye Centre today.

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