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Joint Injections

Facet Joint Injection is an anti-inflammatory steroid in the facet joints. These joints are also well known as zygapophysial joints. In addition, they are one of the parts of the bony framework of the spine. It is a simple or easy process usually performed in an ambulatory surgical center. This kind of surgery is best performed using fluoroscopy, which targets the spinal cord by placing the needle to avoid injuries. In addition, you can look out for facet blocks in Chicago to get these injections. Hence, facet joint injections carry a lot of benefits which are mentioned below.

Facet Joint Injections Benefits

Facet joint injections have plenty of benefits. It can be an important part of your face treatment program. You can also visit the Chicago spine institute to know more about it or the treatment program. However, facet joint injections offer mainly two potential benefits to the patients.

  1. Reduce pain and inflammation in your facet joints.
  2. It has minimal risks or complications.

Facet Joint Procedure

The process of facet joint generally includes the following steps:

  • The process of the facet joint is generally performed without any sedation. Thus, an IV line can be provided only if there is a need for relaxation medicine.
  • The patient’s skin is cleaned properly before testing.
  • After that, the patient will test the small area of the face skin while using an anesthetic medicine and then treat them.
  • During the process, the physician will use X-ray guidance which is also known as fluoroscopy, in order to direct the small needle in the facet joint.
  • Following that, a small amount of contrast dye will be injected into the face area skin. This confirms that the needle is in the facet joint. Thus, medication is being contained inside the joint.
  • After the confirmation, a combination of anesthetic and anti-inflammatory medication will be injected slowly into the joint.

How Long Does Facet Injections Will Last?

There are fewer chances of predicting the long-term effects of medications as it can immediately affect the anesthetic which was injected during the process. Hence, it can fade away within a few hours of injection. Thus, steroids will start working with a timeline of 2-7 days and may last for a period of time.


Facet injections will last for a time. Thus, if you are wondering that it may last for a long period, then it is not true. Hence, it helps relieve pain and makes your face appear much better.

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