Get to learn and understand more about low back pain

Most people suffering from low back pain are not very productive because their range of motion and exercise is limited. Initially, low back pain may disappear before it becomes chronic, causing other problems. For this reason, low back pain is treated and managed by qualified and experienced specialists like Dr. Clement Yeh, a board-certified interventional pain management specialist. The expert provides customized treatment plans to help relieve low back pain, restoring your quality of life. Below is all you are required to know about low back pain.

What is the cause of low back pain?

Low back pain is a medical condition that can result from various degenerative conditions and injuries such as nerve impingement, herniated disc, scoliosis, muscle strain, spinal stenosis, connective tissue injuries, arthritis, and compressional fractures. Having a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, or if you have a physically demanding job, you are at a greater risk of having low back pain. Similarly, as you advance in age, your risk also increases because the disc whose purpose is to cushion your vertebrae dries up, predisposing you to injury. For instance, if you do not participate in enough physical exercises, your core muscles and back may not be flexible or strong enough to support your spine, predisposing you to injury. Also, if your career requires you to be on your feet or move and lift heavy objects, the risk of getting your back injured also increases with poor lifting technique or repetitive motions.

What is sciatica?

Sciatica is a name used to refer to a group of symptoms due to compression of the sciatic nerve such as muscle weakness, low back pain, loss of balance, pain that radiates down both legs and buttock, and tingling and numbness in one or both legs. In most cases, sciatica usually develops due to herniated discs in the lower spine. The sciatic nerve begins from the lower back and splits down to both legs and buttocks. That is why you might experience symptoms on your legs and the lower back.

How is low back pain treated?

The health care providers in the facility begin with comprehensive medical examinations to help identify the underlying condition of your low back pain. Mostly, they use MRIs, x-rays, and nerve conduction studies to help determine the location of a disease or injury that is the cause of your pain. The health care specialists, therefore, offer a variety of treatments for low back pain like selective nerve root, spinal infusions, discography, trigger point injections, vertebroplasty, physical therapy, sympathetic ganglion blocks, medial branch nerve blocks, radiofrequency nerve ablation, percutaneous disc decompression, and intrathecal injections. The care providers also offer vertiflex superion and spinal cord stimulators devices to alleviate low back pain, helping you resume your daily activities. They also include carefully selected therapies into your individualized treatment plan. Your treatment goals are to restore your quality of life, relieve pain, and improve your overall health.

back pain treatment millcreek ut can prevent you from being involved in your daily chores because your range of motion is limited. Therefore if you begin experiencing back pain and you are interested in finding the root cause of your problem, visit or call Republic Spine and Pain today. You can get started by booking your appointment online or visiting their offices.

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