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People of any age can have problems with their vision because of drooping eyelids that lead to poor vision. The excessive dropping of eyelids can also interfere with your look because it makes one appear very old and with a tired face. The health care specialists understand the effects Ptosis can cause. That is why Ptosis in Reston is treated and managed by experienced and qualified oculofacial plastic surgeons who perform ptosis surgery on both men and women. Primarily, these specialists focus not only on removing the drooping lids but also on correcting the underlying cause, which can be the forehead or brow.

What is Ptosis?

Ptosis refers to a medical condition where the upper eyelid droops covering your eye. The drooping might be severe such that the lid covers your pupil and interferes with your vision or mild, making you look tired. Most adults usually develop Ptosis because of eyelid muscle weakness due to injury, aging, or surgeries. You can decide to undergo ptosis surgery to improve your vision, look more alert, and make your eyes look younger. In other cases, Ptosis is not due to weakness in your eyelid muscles but can be due to lax skin, the brow and forehead muscles, and sagging skin. Your health care specialist evaluates your entire face and eyelids before performing surgery to provide all surgical procedures that can effectively provide you with the best and stunning results.

What to expect during surgery?

Before surgery, your physician reviews your current health history, medical history, and expectations. He also examines your look and face for all treatments available to give you stunning and eye-opening results. They begin by removing extra skin from your eyelids and then carry out other procedures like forehead and brow lift to help correct Ptosis. This surgery usually adds support to the eyebrow muscles, thus helping lift your eyelids. Before surgery, you are given an injection containing numbing medication, especially in areas requiring treatment. You are also given some IV sedation medications to help you rest, relax and feel comfortable throughout the surgery. Ptosis surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure; therefore, no admission is required.

What is recovery like following eyelid surgery?

After surgery, you might experience some effects like light sensitivity, watering eyes, bruising and swelling, and double vision. Your care provider advises you to avoid participating in strenuous activities for about one week after surgery. You should also not wear contacts for around three weeks after surgery. The care provider also provides you with a complete postoperative care plan to prevent infection and reduce any discomforts that you might experience. They also schedule you for future follow-up appointments during which they examine your healing and recovery process. After proper examination, they let you know when it is safe to resume your daily activities and chores and when you can safely put on your contact lenses.

Ptosis is a severe condition because it predisposes one to fall and injury, especially the elderly. Therefore if you are interested in learning more about the comprehensive approach and ptosis surgery, call or consult Rostami OPC. You can get started by booking your appointment online or visiting their offices today.

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