Hatch every detail about GHK-CU | All that you need to know

GHK-CU is a peptide that is first found in the human blood plasma. Scientifically, GHK-CU is termed tripeptide glycyl-L-histidyl-L-lysine. This peptide is a copper complex that occurs naturally in plasma. However, it is not like that you will only spot GHK-CU peptide in blood plasma, it is present in other parts of the body as well such as urine and saliva.

GHK-CU peptides naturally occur in smaller sizes and are fragments of protein. The copper peptide is believed to have a prevalent presence in functions of the body. Various medical studies give evidence that GHK-CU has a strong positive impact on the human body and performs various roles such as:

  • The protein fragment GHK-CU peptide contributes to healing wounds.
  • The copper peptide holds the capacity to proliferate and attract immune cells.
  • The presence of GHK-CU produces anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.
  • It helps to stimulate the growth of blood vessels.
  • The peptide plays a major role in recovering the tissues after any damage.
  • It also helps in the remodelling of tissues, such as peeling off the damaged and broken tissues and generating new tissues.

The clinical studies show that the concentration of GHK-CU peptide decreases with an increase in age which, therefore, can lead to tissue destruction, scarring of tissues, lesser healing, and cancer.

Why is the presence or injection of GHK-CU beneficial?

It’s no hidden fact that across every age, to continue to have healthy and glowing skin is the ultimate desire and dream of each man and woman. However, old age is something that no one can avoid. But still, we put all our best efforts to maintain our skin structure by signing in for spa sessions or putting moisturizer. But do you know there is a copper peptide that can maintain smooth and healthy skin? Yes, you guessed it right. It is a GHK-CU peptide. Research shows that GHK-CU is an infallible option to maintain your skin health.

What is the clinically prescribed dosage of GHK-CU?

If you’re thinking of buying a GHK-CU peptide injection, then you can’t just buy it and take any dose as you think. There is a medically prescribed dosage of GHK-CU which are as follows:

  • The medically set standard dosage is 0.2ml subcutaneously, only one time in a day daily.
  • If you’re using GHK-CU injection for the scalp, then the prescribed dosage of this copper peptide is 2-3 pumps once a night on a daily basis.
  • In case, the GHK-CU injection is for the face, then 1-2 pumps on the face are clinically prescribed which is to be rubbed following the injection.


GHK-CU peptide is an effective solution to maintain your skin health, keep it glowing and smooth for long. You can easily buy GHK-CU peptide injections from the market. However, we recommend you not directly inject it as you buy it if you’re purchasing it for the first time by yourself. Firstly, consult your doctor and take his advice to avoid any kind of skin issue.

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