How Will PRP Therapy Enhance your Hair Restoration?

Noticeable hair loss can be extremely distressing for both men and women. If you are also one of them who is dealing with hair loss, then PRP hair treatment can be the answer to your problems. This treatment will not only restore your hair but your confidence too. Everybody has their unique needs and these treatments will be directed based on those only. This treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive. For information, keep reading below to understand it better.

What is PRP therapy?

PRP therapy is considered to be a cutting-edge treatment type that uses your platelets to stimulate the growth of new hair. The power of the PRP therapy lies in the usage of nutrients and growth factors that are present in your platelets itself.

During the process, the expert will take a small sample of your blood, which will then be centrifuged. It will separate the platelets from the rest of your blood, which will then be collected for further procedure. This platelet-rich concentrate will be used to create plasma then.

This plasma will then be injected by your provider into the targeted areas, which will promote the growth of new hair. There are negligible side effects of this therapy because your blood is being used here. But you might suffer from some common and mild symptoms like soreness and discomfort at the injection sites.

Why is PRP therapy so effective?

PRP therapy is extremely effective and is supported by clinical research. It is highly beneficial in reversing hair thinning and promoting new hair growth. This method has become successful because of the higher concentration of platelets in the PRP plasma. 

The PRP therapy can help you with hair restoration as it prolongs the growing phase of your hair cycle. This will help your existing hair to stay longer. Also, the PRP plasma has multiple growth factors, which stimulate new hair follicles. Hence, the hair growth is initiated in the areas with thin hair.

Is PRP the right therapy for you?

Since PRP is considered to be a safer treatment, most adults who suffer from hair loss can opt for this. However, it is always recommended to seek advice from hair restoration experts before undergoing any therapy.

If you are witnessing acute hair fall or hair thinning, Clinique Anti Aging hair PRP treatment can help you get back your lost hair.  

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