Ido Fishman Recommends Sixty Minutes Of Exercise For Teens

It’s no secret that exercise is good for you and helps you rejuvenate, stay happy and stress-free. As Ido Fishman says that the benefits of exercise extend to every part of a human body which includes the human mind. In general exercising regularly is part of a healthy lifestyle and helps you remain fit. 

Exercise Makes You Feel Good 

According to Ido Fishman exercising releases chemicals in the body that can make a person feel happy and good about themselves. Exercising daily gives a person a real sense of achievement and pride, therefore recommendation is that at least sixty-minutes of the same for teenagers. The tender age that teens are at, they need a getaway which they can get in the form of exercise. 

Mental Health Benefits of Exercise 

It has been observed observes that exercise helps in relaxing the nerves which further results in better sleeping patterns and peaceful nights. Exercise is recommended for people who suffer from depression or low self-esteem since it has the feel-good effect. Since exercise has such a positive impact on the mind it is highly recommended for teenagers who are fighting peer pressure. Peer pressure and low self-esteem is very common in teenagers these days, thus incorporating a daily exercise will sure help recover from it. 

Exercise Lowers Risk of Many Diseases

There are many diseases teenagers now a days are at a risk of and exercise can play a major role in fighting them. These diseases range from type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart diseases, anxiety and dementia. From these obesity and anxiety are two diseases that have become very common in teenagers. According to Ido Fishman going on a daily morning walk at least for half an hour can greatly reduce the risk of these diseases. 

Balanced Exercise Routine

It has been further observed that for a balanced exercise routine the three main parts are strength training, flexibility training and aerobic exercise. A balanced exercise routine ensures that each form of exercise is equally incorporated in the exercise regimen. 

Flexibility Training

Exercise is important for keeping the body flexible which in essence means that joints and muscles stretch and bend with ease. Not many realize but flexibility is a significant component of physical fitness. It not only strengthens the muscles and joints but also improves posture, mobility, and muscle coordination. Being flexible improves your chances of performing certain difficult postures in exercise. It generally improves the performance of certain sports and activities like martial arts and dance which require one to have a flexible body. 

Strength Training 

Strength training helps strengthen the muscles including the heart and other muscles in the body. Strong muscles assist the joints thereby preventing severe injuries. Strength training for instance aids weight loss as building muscles burns more calories. Fishman suggests strength training such as cross-country skiing or rowing for arms and push-ups or planks for strengthening the core and arms. For legs a good form of strength training is biking, running, skating, leg raises and squats. 

Aerobic Exercise 

Aerobic exercise as opposed to flexibility and strength training get the heart pumping. The faster the heart pumps and races the more calories one burns. Such exercise opens up the heart and lungs and improves blood and oxygen circulation. Some group sports that may be categorized as aerobics are soccer, hockey and rowing. Other forms of aerobic workout includes dancing, ballet, tennis, Zumba or even brisk walk. A sixty minute aerobics routine every day can tremendously improve your fitness level. 

Picking the Right Type of Exercise

While exercising every day is important, what is more important is knowing what exercise is right for you. What exercise is best for depends on the reasons one is exercising for and the type of person one is. If someone is looking to lose weight then it is best to do a mix of aerobics and strength training. Given the benefits of exercise, one cannot stress enough on how important an exercise routine is. 

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