Wisdom Teeth 101: A Guide About Key Things

For the unversed, wisdom teeth are the last set of molars that appear in adulthood. Every individual has wisdom teeth, but some may not have all four. These molars erupt in the lower and upper back of the mouth and can be a source of excruciating pain. Wisdom teeth typically erupt in the late teens or 20s. Depending on the position of your wisdom teeth, your dentist may recommend an extraction. Here’s a quick guide about the basic aspects. 

Is it necessary to extract wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth can cause pain, especially if your molars are in place. If you have lost a molar, you may want to retain the wisdom tooth on that side of the mouth for better chewing comfort. For most people, wisdom teeth are not necessary. You should see a dentist if you have considerable pain. Our ancestors needed the third set of molars for eating hard things, but with time, wisdom teeth have outgrown their purpose. There may not be enough room in your mouth to have new molars. 

Should you worry about wisdom teeth?

Yes, you should be concerned about getting wisdom teeth. These molars can get trapped under the gums or jaw, which can damage the nearby molars. If a wisdom tooth doesn’t erupt entirely, it could make room for bacteria to thrive and cause gum and jaw concerns. Also, these molars often erupt in the wrong positions and lead to overcrowding and other dental problems. 

Does it hurt to extract/pull wisdom teeth? 

Wisdom tooth extraction is an outpatient procedure and doesn’t involve much pain or discomfort. The procedure is almost the same as standard tooth extraction, but if the wisdom tooth is not accessible, your dentist may cut the gums and bones to remove the tooth. Sometimes, wisdom teeth are removed in pieces. You can go home on the same day and must avoid chewing or biting hard things. Your dentist may recommend antibiotics and painkillers to aid the healing process and manage pain. 

Final word

It can be hard to withstand pain caused by wisdom teeth, which is precisely the first reason why people get these molars extracted. Your dentist can also recommend an extraction if they find that a wisdom tooth is likely to cause issues in the future. Don’t delay seeking help because wisdom teeth can cause huge damage to adjacent teeth in the long run. Talk to your dentist now to know more.

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