Informative Lines on Medicated-Assisted Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment commonly known as MAT is quite effective to improve the health conditions of people using abused substances. This treatment is mostly favorable to treat patients using Opioid. MAT supports curing health issues troubling people drinking alcohol excessively. It generally blocks the negative effects of alcohol and abusive drugs on brain functions that help to stop craving for consumption of harmful substances. Some skilled medical professionals use MAT for curing withdrawal symptoms as well.

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About MAT effectiveness:

MAT is a supportive therapy to treat the health problems caused by using excessive abused substances and alcohol. It even is part of therapy plans to avoid withdrawal symptoms troubling the patients after they have stopped drinking alcohol or using drugs. It enhances the chances of recovering fast without worrying about the negative aspects of medication.

In some addiction treatments, MAT is used as a supportive medication to gradually stop using drugs. It is mainly preferred for preventing withdrawal symptoms that may spoil the person’s health.

People who need MAT:

  • Mainly people using opioids and benzodiazepines can have it to be safe from trouble with withdrawal symptoms. Folk ready to give up excessive drinking of alcohol often prefer to have MAT.
  • Anyone can’t use MAT to treat their addiction as it needs to be prescribed by an experienced medical professional. They will examine the medical conditions of the person, before listing the MAT plan. Their guidance helps to be safe from the side effects of MAT.
  • It is mostly adapted to solve addiction health issues and to avoid relapse. In some cases, the treatment is suggested to keep relapse problems at bay.
  • MAT becomes an important part of treatment when the person is subject to mental trauma and has high chances of falling prey to relapse.
  • MAT can’t solely treat the addiction symptoms, but it can be part of the treatment that includes psychology therapy sessions. This treatment is given alongside with behavioral therapy.
    MAT suppresses the cravings for drugs like Heroin and even stops a person from taking pain- killers for many years. It is a favorite treatment plan of medical professionals as it doesn’t cause euphoria or sedative symptoms. The most common medications prescribed under MAT for drug addiction are Methadone, Buprenorphine and Naltrexone.

The drugs that are used to treat alcohol addiction under MAT are Naltrexone and Acamprostate. The latter medications curbs anxiety and hunger pangs, which are some of the common withdrawal symptoms of alcohol addiction. Disulfiram is used for people to discourage from drinking as it causes negative reactions while consuming alcohol. In short, MAT is mostly a prescribed therapy to dampen the thoughts of people, who prefer to use drugs like Opioid or to drink alcohol.

Many addictive people who have succumbed to reuse abused substances even after undergoing successful addiction treatment have benefited from MAT.

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