Is Aikido for Children Beneficial for their Health?

Children require direction as they grow into healthy young adults. There’s no substitute for education and decent parenting. Still, there’s no doubt that extracurricular activities can improve one’s sociability and health. It is critical to choose activities that are worthy of emulation.

Registering your child in martial arts activities and classes may not initially seem fitting. It’s because of the culture that tends to celebrate violence throughout everything from music to computer games and television shows. Martial arts-themed action films appear packed with violent behaviour and graphic injuries. You might be shocked to learn that martial arts like aikido training benefits children, particularly regarding their health and here are the reasons why. 

Promote Physical Activity

Admit it, you have noticed that kids seem more passive these days than they were a few decades ago. The reason is often right under our noses. It isn’t easy being busy parents; every parent always wants what’s best for their child.

So, to build up their physical activities, limiting screen time is a fantastic concept for getting kids up and moving about more. Still, parents can only take it so far. Enrolling a lazy and passive child in such a physically demanding activity not only gets them to move but also discourages them from leading an inactive and dull lifestyle in the first place.

Moreover, your child will have an improved balance, better posture, and a better sense of timing. They’ll also have better reactions, coordination, and fitness, all of which are benefits of aikido. Additional advantages include relief from pain, improved cardiovascular health, and better blood circulation.

Increased Body Awareness

These days, thanks to social media, many kids become more insecure. They lose confidence because they judge themselves quickly because of what they see or hear, even when it isn’t them. The internet can be a great instrument or a distraction that could destroy one’s mental health.

As a parent, the internet is no longer avoidable for our children. But to protect your child’s mental health and body awareness, giving them a chance to love and care for themselves is a good and reasonable step to introduce them to aikido.

You will notice that soon your child will have a more relaxed yet confident presence. They will better understand themselves and their surroundings due to their training.

Builds Their Character 

Discipline and self-control are stressed in martial arts like aikido. In the age of instant gratification, these are distinctive qualities. Aikido requires persistence and patience to master, just like any worthwhile skill. Trial and error are plentiful, which fosters humility and confidence as one overcomes challenging obstacles.

A meaningful development over time results in children acquiring integrity and character strength. As your child participates in the training,  it is beneficial for children who struggle with identity or self-worth. 

Training in aikido for children is fun, in addition to receiving various health benefits. Give your kid a chance to try something brand-new and exciting. Let your kid start learning aikido right now!

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