Keep Your Health In Check With Seer Medical

Maintaining your health is your top priority in life. Because a healthy life results in happiness. But occasionally we become ill, so we visit the hospital to determine what is wrong with our bodies.

Seer was founded with the intention of expanding access to clinical monitoring of the highest caliber. At Seer, our mission is to give individuals greater control over their most valuable assets — their health and their time.


Accessibility to monitoring

Our mission is to develop new Seer Medical pathways for diagnosing and treating neurological, cardiac, and sleep disorders.

The widespread implementation of home monitoring will alleviate healthcare system bottlenecks, expedite treatment, increase productivity, and save millions of lives.

As much as 30% of epilepsy cases are misdiagnosed. 30% of individuals with epilepsy cannot control their seizures with medication.

Through extensive research and open access to objective data, the solution to this problem will serve as a basis for resolving similar problems in the fields of sleep and cardiac health. Operation 30-30 is Seer’s endeavor to restore control to those who believed they had lost it.

The Seer Home service exceeds the best home video-EEG-ECG solution in the world.

We collaborate with neurology leaders to transform epilepsy care, including the delivery of an exceptional patient experience, the elimination of capacity bottlenecks, and the streamlining of clinical workflows.

Transformational epilepsy care

Seer collaborates with leaders in neurology to improve their epilepsy care through home-based monitoring of the highest quality.

The Seer Home service revolutionizes the care model and enables both patients and providers to flourish.


The Seer Home service is purpose-built for home monitoring and provides a monitoring experience unlike any other, enhancing comfort, diagnostic yield, and monitoring duration.


The Seer Home service streamlines the most time-consuming aspects of home monitoring by integrating with your clinical workflow.


The implementation of an effective home monitoring program increases the capacity of neurology departments.

Utilize EMU beds for activities with greater value

Expand your geographic reach and bring in new patients.

Concentrate on patient care, not technology upkeep

Motivated by ardor. Motivated by intent.

We are on a mission to expand access to clinical monitoring of the highest caliber.

Seer combines cutting-edge research with revolutionary product design to create experiences that significantly enhance the lives of healthcare providers and patients.

With clinical insights gained from the expertise of our scientists and epileptologists, we are transforming the practice.

Seer is overcoming barriers to accessing healthcare of the highest quality. Patients no longer rely on the availability of hospital beds because of home-based monitoring. Providing our services on a large scale has enabled people who require hospital-based testing to gain access more quickly, thereby shortening the time required for effective treatment.

The scalable diagnostic monitoring operations of Seer facilitate early and accurate diagnosis for patients and physicians.

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