Pest Control and Steps to Save Your Kids from Chemical Exposure

Pest control is very important as it helps you and your loved ones to keep away from any infestation. Use words like pest control near me to understand the necessary steps. When it comes to pest controlling, kids have a higher chance of getting exposed to harmful effects of the chemicals used during the process. 

Following steps must be followed to ensure your kids’ safety:

  1. Keep Out of the Reach of Children

It is strictly advisable that you keep all your pesticides away from the reach of your kids. Close the solution bottle lids and caps tightly. Keep the odor restricted within the bottle of the pesticide. Certain chemicals are life threatening to kids and hence must be locked in the closet. Only you should have an access to the place where you have kept all your pesticides.

  1. Close All Windows and Doors

If you have sprayed pesticides outside in the garden or lawn area, you must first close all the home windows and doors. This will block the spread of pesticides to the interiors of your house. The main purpose here is to save your kids from inhaling any toxic odor. 

If this is not done, there are chances your kids may fall sick immediately or show critical symptoms like dizziness, fever, vomiting, nausea and fatigue.  

  1. Remove All the Toys

A kid’s room is always a big mess. You must keep all the toys covered in the closet or remove them all from the room if planning to go for pest control. It is hazardous to keep the toys as the pesticides may settle on it and kids may touch them instantly. Kids also have a habit of putting their fingers or hands in the mouth. This habit can be fatal.

  1. Avoid Phone Calls

You must not address your phone when pest control is going on in the house. There are chances that your kids might spill the bottle and may ingest the poison. You must first immediately keep the pesticide in its place after use. Also, instantly throw the bottles if empty after use. Avoid delaying any step which is necessary to save your kids.

  1. Wash All the Utensils

Once you are done with the pest control, it is advisable to wash all your utensils thoroughly. Any trace of pesticide can lead to a very dangerous situation. Kids may pick up any utensil and start using it. This will always keep you worrying. Use words such as pest control near me to read more on kids’ safety during pest control.