Around the time of mid-20s, patients would just need to make a phone call and the doctor would arrive at their doorstep, eager to serve them. In today’s time, this service is not seen much and people need to go to the hospital themselves to avail the treatment facilities. But in recent times, there has been a surge in the revival of the on-call services. The doctor on call Dubai services provides the option to the residents of Dubai to contact the doctor and avail of the treatment. 

Dubai, known as one of the cities to offer the best healthcare, has greatly warmed up to doctor at home visits to provide treatments for different ailments. From large medical providers to individual hospitals and pharmacies, healthcare facilities across the country have enabled systems that allow residents to consult doctors and pharmacists from their homes.

This is useful in chronic care management. Thus, it is clear to say that doctor on call consultations is working well in Dubai. Let us further explore the various benefits of doctor on call Dubai service for Dubai residents.

Reasons to go for the doctor on call Dubai service

Available round-the-clock at a click of a button on your mobile, doctor on call services in Dubai are digitally transforming the UAE’s healthcare system by providing effective treatment for mild as well as chronic ailments on the go. There are so many people coming to the hospitals, to wait in long queues and the far stretched appointment time, which is why home visit by a doctor is much more convenient.

Most people prefer doctors on call service Dubai services for regular to emergency medical treatment from the comfort and ease of their home, office, or hotel. Here are some of the key reasons to opt thedoctor on call services in Dubai:

  1. Easy accessibility: If you are concerned that going to a doctor’s office, for an urgent care facility, or a hospital could expose you to the infection, you can always choose for a doctor at home service. And to make your life much easier, doctor on call service in Dubai also provides a 24×7 medical service in the comfort of your home, office, or hotel rooms – in all areas of the emirate.
  • Helpful for patients with chronic diseases: Doctor’s cater to all medical conditions that require their attention. They offer a personalized medical care, conduct a comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, and after-care exclusively at your doorstep.
  • Better patient care: Going to the hospital can be stressful for patients as well as their loved ones. Patients and their loved ones are already stressed about an illness, anxious about recovery times, concerned about what a procedure will cost, etc. Instead, when you avail of a doctor at home service, the doctor conducts a comprehensive examination, probes extensively, and addresses your concerns individually. Also, this way a doctor can pay attention vividly to your case as there will be no distractions, therefore, the concentration level is better.
  • Improving patient safety: House calls give doctors a chance to check in on patients with limited mobility and learn whether they’re taking their medication regularly, eating well, and in safe from risks for accidents or falls. It can also foster the physician-patient relationship, and enhance the physician’s understanding of the patient’s environment and support systems.

IV Drip Dubai Services

IV or intravenous medication is where the nutrients are administered into the body of the patient so that they are available to the cells for immediate absorption and use. IV drip Dubai services, include an IV drip that consists of a tiny tube called a catheter and a saline-based electrolyte solution that consists of prescribed vitamins and nutrients. An IV drip bypasses the digestive tract and provides vital nutrients and fluids directly into the patient’s bloodstream for direct use. There is zero wait time and the nutrients are immediately made available to address their body’s health requirements. 

To conclude, the rise in doctor on calls Dubai services has allowed an ease to patients to avail the healthcare services. This allows the physician to visit the patient and allow convenient checkups and medication for their ailment whether mild or chronic. There are several benefits of such services as better patient care, enhanced convenience, cost efficiency, improved patient safety, elimination of hospital-acquired infection, and much more. In recent times these services have provided quite ease in accessing healthcare services at their doorstep, increasing the efficacy of healthcare to another level. 

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