Steps to prevent asthma attacks

Asthma is a chronic condition that affects the lungs, which involves inflammation or swelling of the airways. This results in difficulty in breathing and tightening of the chest. There are medications and treatments, but they cannot cure it completely. People with asthma use inhalers when they get an asthma attack. They better try to avoid the triggers. There is no such thing as the best medicines for asthma and allergies. The only way is to prevent themselves from the triggers. It is essential to know how to protect yourself from asthma. Here are a few steps to help you out:

Identify the triggers

It is essential to know the triggers that cause their symptoms. It can be due to air pollution, cold, dust, allergies, smoke, etc. You must know all the factors that affect you and better note them down. It can be anything, due to cleaning or doing a heavy workout. You should consult your physician and test yourself to find the allergens. Once you know it, you can stay away from them.

Avoid smoke

Smoke is a common factor that triggers asthma. Limiting your exposure to smoke, fire, dust, or tobacco is better. Avoid places where people are smoking. If you are a smoker, then avoid the practice. Smoking is always going to worsen asthma.

Escape from cold

Protect yourself by taking suitable measures. Avoid contact with people affected by cold or cough. If you get it, then your symptoms are going to be bad. Wash your hands properly, and do not touch surfaces infected by someone with a cold.

Stay away from allergies

Wherever you go, there are chances that you have allergens around you. In that case, you can create an allergen-free zone to prevent yourself. Avoid places of smoking, as being there for a long time can affect you. Always find a smoke-free zone for you. Dust is the other common trigger of asthma. Keep the place around you clean. When there is cleaning going on, avoid staying there. Taking your own pillows and bed sheets is better to avoid allergens.

Get vaccinated

People with asthma must take a flu shot to prevent viral infections. It can lessen the probability of you getting affected. Some people have certain other complications, like pneumonia, so it is better to take a vaccine.



If you are affected by asthma, you have to take medications. Following the medicine for the long term can help you prevent your symptoms. It can reduce the inflammation in your airways and can ease your symptoms. Follow the medication suggested by your doctors.


Inhalers are one of the best medicines for asthma and allergies suggested by doctors. It helps to lessen the symptom by easing the inflammation in your airways. Keep the inhaler with you all the time.

Final words

Asthma can get triggered by several factors, which can cause difficulty in breathing. So, it is better to prevent yourself from these factors. The symptoms are common to all, and in some cases, they can also be the causes of bronchial asthma or pneumonia. It would be better to consult a doctor to test it.

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