Surprising Health Benefits of Regular Teeth Cleaning Visits

When it comes to taking care of our teeth, most of us are pretty good at the basics, like brushing and flossing regularly. But how many of us make it a priority to visit Dana Samet DDS for routine teeth cleanings? It turns out that there are quite a few benefits to getting your teeth cleaned professionally regularly.

If you have not booked an appointment, reconsider your decision today to enjoy these benefits:

For stronger and clean teeth

Professional teeth cleaning removes plaque and tartar that builds up on your teeth over time. It helps keep your teeth strong and clean and can even help prevent cavities from forming.

You can also expect to have a brighter smile after treatment, as the polishing process will remove any built-up staining on your teeth.

To avoid bad breath

Bad breath is often caused by bacteria that build upon our teeth and gums. A professional teeth cleaning can help eliminate this bacteria, leaving your mouth smelling fresher for longer.

To avoid gum disease

Gum disease is a severe infection that can affect your teeth and gums. Left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss and other health complications.

Regular teeth cleaning at Dental Art of South Bay can help prevent gum disease by removing plaque and bacteria from your gums. It is also essential to brush and floss regularly at home to keep your gums healthy.

To detect oral cancer

Oral cancer is a severe disease that can be deadly if not caught early. One of the best ways to detect oral cancer is by having regular dental checkups, including a visual examination of your mouth and throat.

If any suspicious lesions or growths are found, your dentist will likely recommend a biopsy to confirm whether or not it is cancerous.

To avoid heart disease

There is a link between poor oral health and heart disease. The bacteria that cause gum disease can also enter your bloodstream and cause inflammation in your arteries.

It can lead to a higher risk of heart attack and stroke. Regular teeth cleanings can help reduce your risk of heart disease by keeping your gums healthy and free of harmful bacteria.

To improve your overall health

It is not just your teeth and gums that benefit from regular teeth cleanings – your entire body does too! Regular dental care can help reduce your risk of other health problems like diabetes, respiratory infections, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

To save money in the long run

Professional teeth cleanings can seem like a costly investment, but they save you money in the long run.

Dental care costs are nothing compared to treating severe dental problems, such as cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer.

For a boost of self-confidence

There is no denying that a bright and healthy smile can give you a major confidence boost. If you feel good about your teeth, you will be more likely to show them off with a big smile.

Regular teeth cleanings will help keep your smile looking its best, so you can feel good about yourself every time you flash your pearly whites.

So if you have been putting off your regular teeth cleaning appointment, now is the time to book it! Not only will you be taking care of your oral health, but you will also be improving your overall health.

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