The basic thing about dab rig that you need to know 

There are different ways to smoke cannabis or similar herbal substance, such as through bongs, joints, and so on. But one of the best alternatives that you can consider of choosing over these options is a dab rig. It is not only the safest choice you can make, but when you inhale the filtered smoke from it, you will realize that the flavour remains intact with a lasting effect without causing any harm to lugs. It is also used for oils, rosins, and shatter. It is specially called dabbing since you dab the concretes in the dab nail to get better results.

The reason that makes dab rig a great choice

Once you go to the market to get the cheap dab rigs you may wonder what could be the possible reason why you should be purchasing it. It’s not just because many people use it, but also there are many reasons that would convince you to buy it, such as:

  • l It creates vapour and not smoke, which is why inhaling harmful carcinogens can be avoided
  • l Even the tiny dab rig can create a good amount of vapour that you can enjoy
  • l To experience the taste of the concentrates, dab rig can be a great choice
  • l As compared to other options, it can anytime taste a good vapour that does not have indoor-based smoke.

Know the difference

As a new learner, you probably may not understand the noticeable difference between the regular water pipe and the dab rig. But the fact is both have quite many differences as well. If you choose a dedicated piece of the dab rig, it shall be used for smoking the concentrates, which have a range of advantages. The flavour, which is created from wax and also traditional herbs, can vary to a great extent.

Planning o buy a dab rig: Know the crucial factors

If you have made up your mind and want to buy a dab rig, then it has to be worth it. There are some factors like the right size that can fit well in hand is important. Also, see if the dab rig is durable and coming from a legitimate platform, even if it’s on sale. 


Often bongs and dabs are considered the same as they are glass water pipes and can offer better hits. If you are planning to try dab rigs for the first time, it is important to go through all the instructions from the person who has been using them. You can find cheap dab rigs in the store but make sure you buy the genuine one. After all, you would not want to compromise with the quality dabbing at all. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself the right one today to enjoy a smoking experience. 


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