The Important of Massage in Prevention and Recovery

Massage is also used to treat the body when its physical capabilities have been enhanced, such as during pregnancy, childbirth, or surgery. They can result from sports activities such as running, cycling, walking, swimming, dancing, tennis, strength training, aerobics, mothers caring for young children, gardening, and any physical activity during work. Instead of a general full body massage, sports and recovery massage focuses on a specific complaint such as a hamstring strain, neck and shoulder pain, or a frozen shoulder.

Injuries in the population are identical to injuries in athletes.

So a rotator cuff strain in a swimmer is as much an injury as straining the shoulder while vacuuming or digging in the garden. The only difference between the public and the athlete is that the general public will not be as motivated to treat an injury with massage therapy as an athlete with a strong desire to get back into the sport quickly. In most cases, the athlete will recover faster with massage therapy as they will be in better condition. However, everyday injuries in ordinary people and sports injuries can be treated equally with the help of restorative sports massage techniques.

Prevention and recovery

Sports and restorative massage contribute to the prevention of injuries and accelerate recovery after physical exertion.

Massage significantly reduces pain and has significant benefits in three main areas:

  • Reduce the intensity of delayed muscle soreness,
  • Deactivate trigger points and
  • It helps prevent injury to chronically tight and overworked muscles by increasing circulation and elasticity.

Several factors, such as decreased blood flow due to localized muscle spasms or micro-tears in muscle or connective tissue, can cause pain twenty-four to forty-eight hours after exercise. It is unlikely that this is due to the accumulation of lactic acid since it is excreted within thirty minutes after training.

Decreased flexibility and muscle pain can also result from trigger points, which are nodules or spasms in the muscles, and tendons, that are persistently painful and cause radiating pain when pressed. Repetitive activities, repetitive strenuous exercise, a car accident, a fall, or some other sudden injury can cause them.

Pain, loss of flexibility, and chronic muscle tension can be caused by strenuous muscle exercise, which causes the muscles to lose their ability to relax. Tight and overworked muscles also restrict blood flow, which causes pain. The lack of flexibility can predispose to muscle ruptures, sprains, other injuries, and muscle soreness. massage cbd melbourne makes muscles more flexible, relaxed, and efficient, less susceptible to pain and injury, and able to work harder and more often with faster recovery.


Certain massage techniques affect the local increase in blood flow in the skeletal muscles in different ways. Studies show that tapping causes a small and temporary increase in blood flow, kneading has a variable and non-permanent effect on blood flow, and tapping causes a significant increase in blood flow, comparable to exercise flushing.

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