The Service Offered In Medicine Wheel Recovery

Individuals who have been evaluated by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) as being at a Level III or above will be eligible for treatment at Medicine Wheel Recovery Services. Individual, family, and group therapy methods based on tried-and-true techniques will be offered as part of these services.

As a replacement for drug abuse, service receivers will be exposed to a wide range of rehabilitation activities that promote physical, mental and emotional health as well as social and spiritual well-being. Participants will be given access to community resources that will aid them in reintegrating into society healthily and productively in medicine wheel recovery.

Co-Occurring Services and Mental Health

Sunrise Recovery Services and supports are provided by clinicians with QMHP qualifications or proper licences for those who have been diagnosed with mental health and co-occurring disorders (basic criterion of having a DSM-V diagnostic of both a drug use disorder and a mental health condition). 

All mental health treatments, including integrated assessments, service records, and triaged service planning, are provided in conjunction with drug addiction therapies (where applicable). Proactive safety and crisis plan are developed by service receivers in conjunction with the service provider. A person’s sobriety is the primary goal of all mental health therapies.

To avoid future incidents of driving after using any mind-altering drug, Sunrise Recovery uses Motivational Interviewing and Stages of Change therapy tactics. As part of the service planning process, participants learn about the standards set out by the courts and the legal system for completing DUII treatment. 

It is expected that individuals will have at least 90 days of abstinence (as shown by negative UA results), have completed all modules of training, and be making considerable progress on their service plan to successfully finish the Sunrise Recovery Program (SRP) (as evidenced by completed objectives and learning competencies).

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