Things to know about the audiology

The audiology department is responsible for the diagnostic and therapeutic care of patients with hearing loss. The audiologist evaluates the patient’s hearing, and determines whether treatment is needed.

The audiology department is staffed by audiologists, audiometric technicians, speech-language pathologists, audiometric technologists and other healthcare professionals who specialize in hearing and balance disorders.

The audiology program is one of the most popular and most in-demand majors at the University of London. This program has a special focus on hearing loss and its prevention, treatment, and management. The program also offers training in hearing conservation, speech-language pathology and communication disorders.

A degree in audiology helps students prepare for careers as audiologists, audiologists assistants, speech pathologists and speech language pathologists. Students may also pursue careers in research or medicine or become teachers of these fields.

In addition to preparing students for these professions, this degree prepares them for a variety of other occupations such as:


Speech Pathologist

Audiologist Assistant

Speech Language Pathologist

Audiology is one of the most important professions in the world. It’s important that you know what audiology is and how it works. You can’t be an effective medical professional without understanding the basics of audiology.

Audiology is a branch of medicine that deals with hearing, balance, and equilibrium, but it also works with other senses such as taste and smell. Audiology is also known as “hearing therapy,” which means that it focuses on improving your hearing so that you can function better in life.

Audiology is the branch of medicine that deals with the study, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of hearing and balance. It includes both medical professionals and those who work in a non-medical capacity.

Audiologists are sometimes called hearing doctors, ear doctors or otolaryngologists (ear, nose and throat doctors).

The audiology program is one of the largest in the country. There are over 700 audiology faculty members on campus, which includes both full-time tenure-track faculty members and part-time lecturers who teach courses related to the Department of Hearing & Communication Sciences. The department also has an active research program as well as several student organizations that support studies in hearing science.

Audiology, or the study of hearing, is the science of perception and interpretation of hearing. It is a branch of otolaryngology, the medical specialty that deals with diseases, disorders and injuries to the ear, nose and throat.

The audiology profession has evolved to include an ever-growing number of subspecialties including pediatric audiology (which deals with children’s hearing problems), industrial-organizational hearing conservation (which deals with noise-induced hearing loss in workers), rehabilitation counseling (which deals with patients who have suffered from ear damage or other disabilities), acoustic neuroma surgery (which deals with tumors arising from the vestibular nerve) and many others.

Audiologists treat people with all types of hearing loss—from mild to severe—and perform a wide range of tests to determine what type of treatment is appropriate. They also monitor patients’ progress after treatment by conducting periodic follow-ups. To know more information on audiology in Dore, contact us.

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