Top Effective Treatment for Aging Signs

Aging is a natural process that we cannot escape. It’s unfortunate that it does not just happen but comes with several physical and emotional changes. Some of which may harm our lives. Among the obvious and most visible signs of aging occur to our skin and include wrinkles, age spots, and dry skin, to name a few. Thankfully, Mrs. Leslie Forrester in Naperville can help reduce some of the effects of aging on your skin by restoring your natural appearance. In this article, we look at some aesthetic treatments that can help promote a natural facial appearance.


Most people are aware of Botox as an effective treatment for wrinkles and facial lines. It reduces their appearance without surgical intervention. It is an injectable that has a neurotoxin with the ability to inhibit muscle movement in your face.

Botox works by stopping the targeted muscles from moving, whether there is movement or not. Your provider ensures to come up with a customized plan to enhance natural results. To prevent discomfort, your provider applies an anesthetic to the treatment area before administering Botox injections.

The treatment has no downtime, and you can resume your work activity after the procedure. Your provider will advise on how to control any redness on your face.

Botox treats the following issues.

  • Droopy eyebrows
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Hyperhidrosis

Laser resurfacing

It’s a minimally invasive procedure that uses laser energy to improve your facial appearance. It works by emitting a beam of light to your skin cells to remove the topmost skin layer with the most damage. Laser resurfacing also activates collagen production, which eventually restores a healthy younger complexion.

Your provider applies topical anesthesia and cleans your skin to enhance safety and comfort.

The treatment helps eliminate various skin issues, including:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Sagging
  • Acne scars
  • Sun damage
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Large pores
  • Sun damage
  • Warts

Facial fillers

Your skin loses its laxity and fat, among other healthy components during aging. It may leave your skin not so good-looking. Facial fillers can help restore your healthy skin look.

It involves your provider administering injectables to your face for a plump and lifted appearance. It also improves your skin laxity.

Facial fillers are many depending on what you want to treat. They contain specific ingredients that enhance collagen production and restore a natural and young-looking appearance. They may include the following;

  • Juvederm
  • Restylane
  • Radiesse
  • Sculptra

Facial fillers have the following benefits.

  • Smooths out lines and creases in your lips
  • Adds volume to your cheeks
  • Defines your jawbone and chin
  • Plumps and shapes your lips
  • Reduces wrinkles appearance

Vampire facial and facelift

These procedures promote your facial appearance by using platelet-rich protein. PRP is a technique made from your blood, with growth factors that increase cell regeneration. Though both treatments use the PRP, they have different benefits.

  • Vampire facial

It involves micro-needling with a combination of PRP therapy.

  • Vampire facelift

It involves direct PRP injection to the skin for a plumper appearance. The treatment also eliminates wrinkles and scars.

Aesthetic treatments can miraculously transform your appearance. Do not let aging signs affect your self-confidence. Consult with a professional aesthetician to find the right treatments for you. Call Wrinkle Fairy today to book your consultation and enjoy the unlimited benefits of aesthetic treatments.

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