What Happens When You Need an Urgent Medical Visit?

To most people, the most common cause of an urgent medical visit is a sudden onset of a health condition which could include getting injured in an accident or having acute gastrointestinal problems that need immediate attention. The same case goes for sudden illness onset. Some people are not very fortunate for their immune system and get sick more easily than others. Whatever the reason may be, a medical condition that truly makes you feel uncomfortable and needs immediate attention is considered an urgent matter requiring professional help from a doctor or other medical personnel. Troy Taylor AGNP-C at Oasis Healthcare Services, will offer it if you are in Covington and Stone Mountain in Georgia.

After being diagnosed with the sudden onset of a health problem, what comes next is the question of how fast can you get assistance from a doctor?

Cases for Urgent Medical Visits

There are some cases where an urgent medical visit is required. If you or somebody you know experiences sudden onsets of the following conditions, make sure to seek medical attention right away:

Chest pain or discomfort

People who experience chest pain that radiates to their left arm and upper back with discomfort in their chest lasting for more than a few minutes must seek medical attention immediately. Chest pain and discomfort could be a symptom of either a heart attack or stroke.

Sudden headache or loss of consciousness

People who experience sudden headaches that last for 10 minutes to an hour must seek professional help. A person experiencing loss of consciousness even for a few seconds must also seek medical attention. These may be symptoms of stroke or brain aneurysms.

Nausea and vomiting

People with severe nausea and vomiting, especially in the presence of fever, must seek medical attention immediately because these could be signs of certain diseases that require immediate treatment, such as meningitis or encephalitis.

Diarrhea and abdominal pain

People who experience severe diarrhea accompanied by blood or abdominal pain must seek medical attention immediately because these could be signs of bowel obstruction, appendicitis, gallbladder disease, or intestinal infection. Severe dehydration can also happen if you mishandle this condition.

Sudden eye problems

People who experience sudden changes in the appearance of their eyes, such as loss of vision, double vision, or pain, must seek professional help. These may be symptoms of a severe health condition like stroke or brain tumor.

Sudden and unusual vaginal bleeding

Women experiencing vaginal bleeding must immediately seek medical attention even if the color is lighter than menstrual blood, which could be a symptom of cervical cancer. However, pregnant women must see their doctor for any vaginal bleeding because this could lead to certain complications.

Sudden shortness of breath

People experiencing sudden shortness of breath that lasts for more than a few minutes must seek professional help immediately, especially if they have trouble breathing even while resting. This could be a symptom of life-threatening conditions such as pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, and an asthma attack.

An urgent medical visit is the first thing you must do if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. If you have somebody that can accompany you to the hospital, call your doctor immediately so they can be with you when you arrive at the hospital. Remember that your health comes first because it is very precious and irreplaceable.

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