What to do after you find a lump in your breast, and more: The Breast Cancer Map

Carcinophobia is an anxiety disorder characterized by a chronic fear of developing cancer. This fear is a common phobia, especially for those who have had the disease or know people afflicted with it. While developing carcinophobia belongs to the extreme, cancer is still something many people would never dream of having.\

The fear of cancer stems from the core view of cancer as a vicious, unpredictable, and incurable disease that has claimed many lives. Furthermore, the dreading feeling brought upon by this disease emanates from the fact that anyone can fall victim to it. Given all these, it is understandable why battling this fear can be grueling. But if there is one thing that can combat this agitation, it is knowledge about cancer. 

Although cancers are a heavy topic to discuss or study, learning about how the disease develops, how it can be detected, and the possible treatments for it are essential. One must also understand that cancers are handled differently. For instance, breast cancer treatment Philippines involves mammograms, breast MRIs, and the like. In addition, the cost of breast biopsy test in the Philippines is different than other types of cancers. 

In the Philippines, breast cancer is among the most commonly diagnosed cancers. In 2019, it was recorded that the country has the highest prevalence of breast cancer in Asia. But through constant awareness about the disease, the survival rate has drastically increased. 

If there is one thing that people should know about cancer is its symptoms and risk factors. This way, one can adjust their diet and lifestyle to prevent the formation of cancer cells. Lumps that are abnormally developing in your body can be an early sign of cancer. For breast cancer, one might feel pain, numbness, and tenderness in the breast area. 

Another symptom of breast cancer is a change in size. This sign might be neglected since breast enlargement or swelling is common during menstruation. But if you notice a sudden change in size or your breasts are continuously growing, it is best to consult your doctor. Changes in shape and nipple discharge are also flags you should never ignore.

Information is a powerful tool everyone can use, especially for diseases like cancer. Being knowledgeable about it can help ease the feeling of anxiety. Furthermore, understanding the condition might fuel a person to shift their diet and lifestyle to a much healthier one.

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What to do after you find a lump in your breast, and more: The Breast Cancer Map


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