After getting any surgery, it is important to recover properly by taking useful measures instructed by your doctor. Even when it comes to surgeries like rhinoplasty, you can get it done from rhinoplasty dubai surgery hospitals. But have you ever wondered, what to keep in mind after you get rhinoplasty surgery? In this article, you will see the guidelines that you need to follow to recover quickly from rhinoplasty surgery.

Guidelines to keep in mind during the recovery from rhinoplasty surgeries are-

  • Start taking pain relievers and other drugs only with your doctor’s permission: Within the first few weeks of recovery, you will suffer minor pain and distress, particularly during the first week. Pain relievers or other medicines may be provided or suggested to help you cope with the post-operative suffering. The amounts and drugs will be tailored to your needs, ensuring that they do neither block your restoration nor create any negative side effects that slow down the process of healing. You can even find certain pain relievers for your recovery on the internet, but not all such medications can suit your body. That is the only reason you should consult your doctor first before taking any such pain relievers.
  • Take a long walk around: Walking assists in the movement of fluids and the healing of your nostrils by slowly increasing circulation across your physique. Stepping out and walking might help you relax even while minimizing swelling or liquid build-up in your system. Enhanced respiration and a little faster pulse rate can assist your system get more air, which will benefit the recovery process. It is good for your metabolism growth as well to have a long evening walk in the park.
  • Rather than showering, take a bath: After a rhinoplasty, the dressings, braces, and splints that have been inserted mostly around your nostrils should never be moist. It is quite good to keep your dressings from getting soaked if you bathe rather than a shower. Cleaning your face with a moist cloth from outside the dressings could also help keep your face refreshed. Because the dressings should be removed within the first week of the treatment, this process should not even take too much time.
  • Drink lots of fluids and eat a balanced diet: Your system will recover quicker and feel good if you eat a balanced diet and consume enough fluids. Nutritional support provides your body with the nutrients it requires to rebuild and restore itself. Water allows you to recover faster by draining out anesthetic poisons and lowering your chance of infection. Water enables the correct supply of nutrients and air to cells, as well as wound evacuation. You should also ensure that you obtain enough vitamins, particularly Vitamin C and Vitamin A, in your nutrition. Vitamin A, which is present in deep, leafy greens such as kale and spinach, is an excellent immune stimulant that could also assist in the fight against illnesses following the surgery. Vitamin C helps to regenerate collagen, the molecule that holds your skin together. Citrus fruits, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli are all great sources of Vitamin C.
  • Remain elevated with your head: Lying on your face after rhinoplasty is not inconvenient; it can also lengthen your healing period by generating more bruises and stiffness. It can also relocate your nose, which will be quite unpleasant. You will have to put your head raised to sleep for the first six weeks after the surgery to minimize discomfort. Trying to prop your head high on 2 or 3 cushions or using a foam block is among the simplest methods to do it though. It is also possible to rest in a reclining chair.


The recovery rate of rhinoplasty surgery is a bit different from that of other surgeries. You need to take consultancy from your doctor regularly during the time of recovery from your rhinoplasty surgery. You can also find several aesthetic clinic dubai that has good reputations in all Dubai.

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