What to Do When You Have Wisdom Teeth Coming In

Many people are anxious about wisdom teeth. But if your wisdom teeth are coming in, take it easy. Not all wisdom teeth are painful or cause complications. You need to have your teeth examined by wisdom teeth experts like Philip Chien DDS to see if everything is okay. This will help you determine if your wisdom teeth are problematic or will erupt successfully. You might have your wisdom teeth removed depending on the symptoms they cause but not always. But even if it does not hurt, it is crucial to see a dentist. Here are the necessary steps you can take to handle wisdom teeth.

Book an Appointment with Your Doctor

Wisdom teeth can cause pain or no pain. But as far as it is time your last set of teeth is emerging, you must schedule an appointment with your dentist for testing. You might not be experiencing symptoms now, but your dentist has to check if the teeth are erupting fine. Your doctor can order an x-ray to view the submerged teeth before they erupt to see if they are correctly positioned. This will help tell if you will have a problem in the future. Remember that the main issue with wisdom teeth is the lack of enough space in your mouth, and an x-ray will give the details.

Notice Symptoms of Impacted Teeth

As your wisdom teeth try to erupt from the gum, they can be blocked and break your gum or push against your natural teeth. This can cause painful symptoms that worsen over time as the teeth erupt. Note gum inflammation or redness, bleeding gums, trouble opening your mouth, bad breath or taste, or jaw pain and swelling. You might not be in much trouble, but talking to your dentists is crucial. Your provider will advise you on the proper treatment steps to deal with the situation soon.

Know Your Treatment Options

When your dentist examines your wisdom teeth condition, they recommend several treatments depending on your needs. The x-ray can explain what is happening to your teeth and outline if an extraction is necessary. An extraction is an option in most cases, even if your teeth are coming out correctly. But you might want to go over all the choices you have before scheduling the extraction appointment.

Use Medications as Prescribed

Wisdom teeth will probably irritate your gums, increasing your chances of infection. Your doctor might prescribe antibiotics or mouthwash to counter the disease. In some harrowing situations, your doctor might also prescribe pain medications. Please ensure you strictly follow your doctor’s instructions concerning prescriptions to maintain a healthy mouth and remain pain-free.

Schedule Follow-up Appointments

Wisdom teeth do not develop overnight. Therefore, you might have to have constant visits to your dentist for examination and treatment. Remember not to miss your appointment even if you are not experiencing painful symptoms to allow your doctor to have adequate information to determine the most suitable treatment for you. If the teeth must be removed, remember to keep in contact with your doctor after extraction and follow post-op instructions to ensure you avoid complications and handle the dry sockets correctly.

If your wisdom teeth are erupting, you should not wait to experience painful symptoms to see a dentist. Get in touch with the wisdom teeth experts at Sunshine Dental Inc today for help. Do not fear, though; the experience is not everlasting.

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