When Should You Get a Liver Test?

Liver Test

Liver function tests are made to see if you have a healthy liver. The test will measure the level of the liver enzymes or proteins in your blood. The tests are run by experts who monitor the treatment if you are suffering from a certain illness.

If you have a problem with your liver, the test will show up. You might have an inflammation or an injury, so you should get a liver test occasionally.

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The Best Time to Test Your Liver Functions

It is always recommended to check the liver functions if you are worried about medical conditions that might create liver dysfunction. You might feel it if you are going through abnormal symptoms! Don’t worry; get a doctor to check your liver!

You are also advised to take a liver test if you are currently on alcohol or in rehab. This is also relevant if you have problems with your liver or you have gallstones in your system!

Moreover, you might want to do a liver test if you are taking drugs to enhance your performance or if you have a gastric problem. You might also have problems with your liver if you are currently suffering from eating disorders.

If you are now on medication that damaged your liver, you still have to test it!

What Are The Tests That Are Normally Carried Out?

A few tests are usually used to test your liver’s health.

Function Tests

The test includes a serum albumin test, which tests the albumin levels so you can diagnose the person’s liver disease. What is albumin, you might ask? It is a type of protein that is in your blood. If you lack albumin, then your liver is not working correctly.

The serum bilirubin test is another type of function test usually carried out. The overall difficulty will measure the bilirubin level that is in your blood. Bilirubin is from the liver and will leave the body when the bile is excreted. High levels of this protein might mean you have a problem processing the bitterness in your body! This might mean that there is obstruction as well.

The physician might also prescribe a test, measuring the right time to make the patient’s blood begin to clot. A prolonged time for the blood to clot means you might have a problem with your liver. It might also mean that you have deficiencies in your blood, causing the blood to be unable to clot.

Liver Enzyme Test

Physicians might also want to test for alanine. The whole liver function also measures the level of alanine in the person’s bloodstream, which might cause cell damage. The test is meant to evaluate liver function and assess whether you must go for treatment if you get hepatitis.

The test is also another type of test that your doctor will ask you to take. The test also measures the enzyme level called the phosphatase. Thus, the trial will evaluate the liver function and see if there are issues in the liver that might lead to tumor growth.

If you feel that there might be something wrong with the liver, assess the situation and take action appropriately. Contact the experts for advice today!


Now that you know when you should get a liver test, it is time to get a check-up today!

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