Which Birth Control Is Best For You? – Here Are the Factors to Consider

Choosing between the numerous types of birth control might be difficult as there is an array of options, including, but are not limited to, intrauterine devices, patches, and birth control pills. However, with birth control, not every option is suitable for everybody. The caring and compassionate staff at MyDoc Women’s Health Specialists can help you make an informed decision by providing you with information and responding to concerns regarding the numerous types of contraception. Schedule a consultation today through mobile or book online to determine what Boca Raton birth control method is for you.

Here are some things to think about when selecting the birth control method:

Is It Really That Effective?

Some methods of contraception are more effective than others. Birth control that needs the least amount of effort on your part, such as IUDs, sterilization, and implants, is generally the most reliable. When used carefully and consistently, condoms, patches, and pills can be quite successful. The least successful birth control methods, such as fertility monitoring and withdrawal before ejaculation necessitate self-discipline.

Is It Possible To Reverse It?

Consider your long-term reproductive objectives while selecting birth control. Sterilization and other permanent measures are not a good idea unless you are certain your family is full. If you are planning on getting pregnant soon, use birth control that is easy to quit and entirely reversible, including oral contraceptives or condoms. An IUD could be suitable if you are not willing to have kids for a long period.

Are Side Effects Bearable?

Side effects are common with several birth control methods, especially hormone-based contraceptives. You might experience spotting between periods, heavy periods, headaches, depression, nausea, breast discomfort, intense cramping, weight gain, skin or hair changes. When selecting a birth control technique, discuss potential side effects with your practitioner and decide which ones you can tolerate.

Is It A Good Fit For Your Personality And Way Of Life?

Birth control must be utilized exactly as directed to be successful. If you are easily distracted, birth control that demands you to remember to take a tablet daily might not be the ideal option for you. Otherwise, you can result in contraception techniques such as IUDs, injections, or sterilization since they last for longer without any disruptions. On the other hand, if you are a smoker, avoid hormonal-based contraceptives since they could raise your danger of blood clots and heart problems.

Do You Have Any Health Issues?

Do not forget to look after yourself. Specific hormonal contraceptives are dangerous for women who have certain medical problems. If you have a record of strokes, blood clots, uterine or breast cancer, migraine, headaches, or active liver illness, you should forgo hormone-based contraceptives. Ensure you discuss with your practitioner regarding all your medical issues before utilizing prescription contraceptives.

Is It Affordable?

The cost of birth control is a practical consideration. Some methods of contraception are more costly than others. Consider the expense of birth control and select one that you could afford. Remember that some contraceptive techniques, like sterilization (tubal ligation), are more expensive up front but could be more economical over time. Also consider how simple it is to obtain the contraceptive since most techniques necessitate a prescription and follow-up visits.

There is no such thing as a form of contraception that is ideal for everybody. The idea is to discover one that is a good fit for you. That is where MyDoc Women’s Health Specialists can assist. Call the office or request an appointment online today to get started.

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