Why Is One Maca Powder Better Than The Other?

Maca Powder

Maca powder is made from a tuber, a root found at the top of the Andes mountains. People who live in that area have taken maca root for some purpose and fed their animals for many years.

However, taking maca root has plenty of benefits, such as boosting energy level, positively affecting fertility and libido, and intensifying mental acuity. Moreover, in traditional ways, it was also cooked and eaten in the form of soups and various other dishes as well.

When people learned the health benefits of using maca roots, they started making the maca powder in huge amounts. The reason is it is more hygienic than the original maca root, and it is simple to store and ship maca root in the powdered form.

How is Maca powder produced?

Firstly, the roots are harvested and dried entirely to make the powder. Drying these roosts in a big oven and sun drying are the two most common methods of drying.

However, traditionally sun drying method is preferable as it does not include the loss of precious nutrients of maca powder as it does in high temperatures in the oven.

After the drying process, these maca roots are washed delicately. However, some people who make this powder use chemical disinfectants to clean it properly. But only the natural organic sterilisation solution is recommended and 100% useful.

Once the washing process is finished, the dried maca roots are ready for making a fine powder of it. Although, the maca powder quality may vary considerably.

Here are some factors that can help you get top-quality maca powder.

Demand certified and organic maca powder.

Meticulously, some of the maca roots are not appropriately grown because too many chemicals and pesticides are used in the soil. You might not believe that, but these chemicals work the same as the naturally grown maca powder.

However, there are still some farms in the Andes mountains that grow the maca roots traditionally and in an organic way. Whenever you want maca powder, make sure to get certified and organic maca powder.

Drying process used 

It is important to pay attention to how the maca root is dried for making the powder, whether under the sun or in the oven at a high temperature. Although the sun’s heat is not too much, it can harm the precious phytonutrients and enzymes within the roots.

Moreover, the other way to dry maca roots is by using high heat in the big machines. For better results, it is recommended to get the maca powder that is dried naturally in the sun.

Maca roots should be cleaned with natural cleaners.

Make sure to ask how the dirt is cleaned from the maca roots. It is crucial that these roots are cleaned only using non-toxic and organic products. But companies use chemical disinfectants for saving money, but they are extremely harmful.

The grinding process

Some grinders heat up the maca roots at a point where the necessary nutrients get lost. However, all the grinding processes must be done in stainless equipment that is done under low heat conditions and is appropriately sterilised.

Storage of maca powder

Indubitably, the high-quality maca powder can last between 1 ½ and two years if kept properly. It should be stored in a dark and sealed container; otherwise, the sunlight will claim essential nutrients. Also, buy the maca powder in the dar and airtight keywords.

Does maca powder contain any other ingredients?

The answer is no. It is always advised to demand 100% authentic and pure maca powder. However, some companies used some unwanted ingredients that may hinder the functioning of the powder.

The other thing you need to pay attention to is that there are various types of maca powder. These roots grow in three colours black, yellow/gold, and red/pink/purple. Maca powder is made from each root but has slightly different nutritional properties.

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