Why is the Gonstead Method unlike other Chiropractic Methods?

With roughly 770 million people being affected by chronic illnesses across the globe, matters of health seem to be out of hand for many. Be it in the neck, lower back, joints, or anywhere else, the human body is only capable of so much and many need help to recover from the stress, injuries and ailments of today’s modern life. 

Vast numbers of people now work long hours from a desk, which can also have its own unique physical challenges.  Also many people have started to overlook the importance of maintaining a functional body by regularly taking good care of it. A well-maintained body is an organic equivalent of a well-oiled machine. A little bit of care can make it go a long way and feel much better in the process.

With roughly 1 in 4 people suffering from chronic pain, out of which 85% suffer from severe depression, chronic illnesses are a serious threat. Some turn to pain killers for relief but there are now many dying from opioid complications and overdoses. 

A healthier, non-invasive, drug free alternative is the Gonstead method of chiropractic treatment, which can certainly serve you in good stead. It is often said to be the most modern and effective form of chiropractic care.

What is Chiropractic Treatment, And How Does It Take Care Of Chronic Pain?

Millions of patients claim to get extreme relief through physiological therapy or the help of chiropractor care palmdale ca. Chiropractic adjustments and manipulations are used to correct alignment problems that lead to pain and other symptoms, including a reduction in the body’s capacity to heal. Chiropractic care, however, can help with a wide range of conditions and symptoms.

Depending on your specific condition, chiropractic treatment may concentrate on different regions of your body and your spine. Physical therapy and chiropractic care are similar in several ways, and using both therapies to manage specific problems may be beneficial. The use of hands-on manipulations by chiropractors to treat your problems is often more common than not. Exercise-based injury rehabilitation is a major focus for physical therapists nowadays.

What Are the Various Types Of Chiropractic Procedures And Methods?

Being a widely accepted practice, Chiropractic care is all about various aspects of chiropractic care. Though each chiropractor specializes in one of these methods at least, they are usually known for hands-on practice working with spinal alignment and muscle relaxation.

Here are a few methods of Chiropractic Care: 

  1. The Diversified Technique 
  2. Thompson Drop-Table Technique 
  3. Spinal Manipulation Technique 
  4. The Activator Technique 
  5. The Gonstead Technique 
  6. Spinal Decompression Technique 
  7. Flexion Distraction Technique 

Out of all the seven techniques mentioned, one stands out more than the rest. With the main focus of the Gonstead Method of Chiropractic Therapy revolving around long-term benefits, the method is distinct from other chiropractic approaches. It emphasizes the intervertebral discs and the body’s structural support. A Gonstead chiropractor considers the patient and seeks the cause of their pain or suffering by assessing spinal misalignments, fundamental imbalance, and motion abnormalities. 

How Do These Chiropractors Treat Their Patients?

Gonstead Chiropractors use the latest cutting-edge medical technology paired with their keen sense and understanding of the human body to treat their patients.

Using X-ray analysis, Gonstead chiropractors can see and assess the full spine’s structure, including posture, joint, and disc integrity, possible fractures, and misalignments. These chiropractors are equipped with Nervoscopes to detect inflammation and nerve pressure up and down the spine. Palpating the spine while the patient is moving and bending at different angles is a common practice Gonstead method practicing Chiropractors use to treat patients.

The Gonstead adjustment has a special feature in that the chiropractor may manipulate the lower back or pelvis when the patient is lying on their side or sitting up, thanks to the precise contact point on their hand.

What Are The Benefits Of The Gonstead Method Of Chiropractics?

There are numerous benefits to the Gonstead Method of Chiropractics. Be it chronic pain that has arisen due to a gym session gone wrong or a long-standing condition plaguing you for years, there’s a solution for it all. Listed below are a few benefits of the Gonstead Method of Chiropractics : 

  • Decreased Opiate Dependency 
  • Reduced Osteoarthritis Risks
  • Eases Migraine Symptoms 
  • Improves Flexibility And Back-Pain

Winding Up:

No matter how relentless, chronic pain can be treated and cured slowly but steadily with the help of chiropractics, especially the Gonstead Method. This method has repeatedly proven its effectiveness through the devs and is one of the most successful and effective chiropractic treatments against chronic illnesses.


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