Why Taking Care of Your Throat is Important

People rarely give importance to their throats unless they feel pain. It is the only time they will think of visiting an ENT doctor in Singapore with sudden physical discomfort. Otherwise, they would continue taking their health for granted. The throat is an essential part of the body because it allows you to speak and enjoy food. Plus, throat pain like tonsillitis can feel extremely uncomfortable, especially if you leave it untreated.

And these days, everyone is almost getting sick with the pandemic and the unpredictable weather. The rainy season can give a person flu or colds. On top of this, anyone can get COVID infections and worsening tonsillitis in Singapore. That’s why you have more responsibility to protect yourself from throat diseases.

To avoid more discomfort, learn the importance of taking care of your throat and how you can take care of it.

Why Taking Care of Your Throat is Important

Have you ever imagined a day when you wake up and suddenly lose your voice? And no matter how hard you shout,  no voice comes out of your mouth. It would stress you out, and think of solutions right away. Plus, losing the throat’s functions can affect your life. For instance, developing tonsillitis will make it harder for you to eat food.

So, learn why taking care of your throat is also essential.

  • Helps You Speak – The throat or voice box allows you to speak and produce sound. Aside from your tongue, your throat creates and vibrates sound by tightening the laryngeal muscles. When you take care of your throat, you can confidently speak in front of people and express what you want to say.
  • Enjoy Singing – Everyone loves to sing, even if you sing off-key. What if your colleagues invite you to a Karaoke night? Of course, you want to enjoy the night and sing your heart out! Luckily, you can do this by taking care of your throat, which avoids the development of tonsillitis in Singapore.
  • Enjoying Food – Eating is one of the greatest pleasures in life. And throat diseases like tonsillitis can affect your food experience. It is painful to eat when you have tonsillitis, so you would not be able to enjoy eating your meal. When this happens, you must visit an ENT specialist doctor in Singapore for a consultation.
  • Carries Wind to Your Lungs – There are two passageways for air: nose and throat. Yes, you can also inhale air through your throat to the lungs. It is applicable when doing breathing exercises or joining a yoga class. Proper breathing can help you stay relaxed and calm.
  • Carries Food to Your Stomach – Apart from enjoying the food, the throat also contributes to digestion. It transports the food to your stomach with the help of an oesophagus. It can help you digest food and make your body healthier when taking care of your throat.
  • Prevent Particles from Getting into Your Lungs – A healthy throat and larynx will also prevent particles from getting into your lungs. You can visit an ENT doctor in Singapore for medical consultation to ensure your physical condition.

See, your throat is essential as any other body part. So, continue reading the article to learn more about how to take care of your throat.


 How to Take Care of Your Throat

Your throat is a delicate part of your body. And so, it also needs your utmost care to prevent more diseases from happening. Plus, throat diseases like tonsillitis in Singapore will cause you too much discomfort. So, learn how to treat your throat with an ENT specialist doctor in Singapore.

Learn from these tips below and keep your throat happy.

1) Have a Clean Toothbrush

You always put your toothbrush inside your mouth. For this reason, you must ensure that it is clean. Do you know that a toothbrush can also gather germs and bacteria? If you leave it that way, it can affect your throat. So, when brushing your teeth in the morning, wash them or soak the brush in hot water. This way, it can kill the germs and bacteria that may affect your throat. Better yet, consult an ENT doctor in Singapore to know the perfect brush for you and how to clean it before using it.

2) Bring Your Own Utensil

Bringing your utensil may add an extra effort when going out. However, it can help you stay protected from germs and viruses. It is also helpful during this pandemic as it can prevent you from COVID contamination. Remember, you should not be complacent because the virus is still here. Plus, bringing your utensil can prevent tonsillitis from affecting your throat. You can advise the server you have your spoon and fork at the restaurant.

3) Follow Doctor’s Advice

In Singapore, thyroid surgery may be risky, so follow your doctor’s advice to protect yourself from health complications. Also, be more patient during the recovery process. Wait for days before seeing any progress. Just keep following the advice and see how it can improve your condition. Do not forget to take your medicines for a complete recovery.

4) Vocal Warm-Ups

It is advisable for people who use their voices for work to have vocal warm-ups. It applies to singers, actors, announcers, reporters, teachers, and doctors because they will use their voices for almost the whole day. Vocal warm-ups can help prepare your chords and throats for the work.

However, forcing a warm-up routine may also damage your throat, so do it gently. So, visit an ENT specialist doctor in Singapore to know the proper technique.

5) Protect Your Throat from the Cold Season

The cold weather can also damage your throat and may cause tonsillitis in Singapore. To solve this, you can cover it with a scarf. Remember, sudden temperature changes can affect your throat health, especially during the rainy season. You can focus on making yourself comfortable and warmer to protect your throat during the cold weather.

Keep your throat happy and healthy with Dr Gan EngCern, an ENT specialist doctor in Singapore. Visit their website to learn more about tonsillitis and thyroid surgery.

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