Why You Should Opt For Dental Implants

Do you have self-esteem issues due to tooth loss? Don’t worry, as you can fix self-esteem issues by replacing the teeth with implants; they look natural, fit well in the mouth, and are a long-lasting solution for lost teeth. You should consult an expert in dental implants in Old Bridge who can fix your dental issues. These dental implant benefits might improve your smile.

Implants Match Your Natural Teeth

Dental implants are highly customizable, and your dentist will take a mold that suits the teeth. They will work with you to design ones that resemble the shape and color of the rest of the teeth in the arch. The teeth will fit well in the gap and offer a better bite; fortunately, the implants look natural, and other people would not tell if the teeth are fake. Thus the replacement would be the best option if the lost teeth impact your self-esteem. The implants improve your smile and boost your social skills, essential for your work-life balance.

The Dental Implants Restores the Bite Force

You can restore the bite force with implants anchored into the jaw, as the implants use titanium posts that work like the tooth root. Thus you will bite with more or the same amount of force as the natural teeth. Contrarily, other forms of teeth replacements would offer inadequate bites, and you may remove them when eating your food. They fail to bite as they sit at the top of the gum thus don’t have the required support to bite into the food.

The Dental Implants Prevent Facial Shape Changes

Your face shape might change with lost teeth, as the lost teeth result in bone loss which makes the jawline recede. Reseeding the jawline changes the face shape as the jaw supports the facial structures; the receding jawline feels like a vacuum which will suck in the facial muscles leading to fine lines, wrinkles, and muscle sagging. Fortunately, dental implants will prevent bone loss and act as a support for facial features.

They Enable Speech

Lost teeth impact speech as you make certain sounds with your teeth; thus, it would be difficult to pronounce certain words with lost teeth. Dentures might not improve speech as they are not firm and would not affect the sounds. The implants would have firm support from the jawline and give sounds similar to the original teeth. Thus, they would be the best replacement which improves your speech and boosts your confidence.

They Are Hardy and Long Lasting

Your dental implants will not get cavities as they are made of clay; however, you should care for them to avoid bacterial build-up in the mouth like the other teeth. However, they may chip if you bite hard objects, and it is better to be cautious and avoid overusing the teeth.

Final Thoughts

Teeth impact your appearance, speech, and facial features; thus, losing some might impact your self-esteem. Fortunately, you can replace the lost teeth with permanent dental implants and give them the same appearance as natural teeth. Moreover, they prevent jaw receding and support facial features. Good luck finding a dentist who can fix the dental implants.

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