Would You Like Marijuana with Your Food Delivery?

There has been a concerted effort across the U.S. to get a viable cannabis delivery system up and running in all the states with legal marijuana programs. Courier companies have enjoyed limited success in some places. But overall, there is no semblance of a nationwide delivery service similar to what is available for restaurant food and groceries.

That could change in the future, thanks to a new partnership between two major players in Toronto, Canada. Uber Eats and Leafly are those two players. They have teamed up to start offering cannabis home delivery in Canada’s most eclectic city.

Place Your Order Online

If you are a Toronto resident with a mind to have cannabis delivered directly to your door, you’re in luck. The new delivery program is as easy as can be. All you need to get started is the Uber Eats mobile app. You place your order online just like you would if you were ordering food.

Participating dispensaries that are part of the Leafly network are included in the app. Just choose one near you and place your order. The dispensary will pack your order while an Uber Eats driver makes their way to the dispensary. In short order your package will be on its way.

Note that you do have to select the ‘Cannabis’ category from within the Uber Eats mobile app. You must also be within the chosen dispensary’s delivery area. Not all dispensaries deliver to every Toronto neighborhood.

Good Idea or Bad

The Uber Eats-Leafly partnership is bound to face at least some criticism in the coming months. Is the partnership a good idea or a bad one? Time will tell. Proponents say that allowing Uber Eats delivery drivers to handle cannabis deliveries will cut down on impaired driving and some of the other negative aspects of legal cannabis.

It is also unclear whether Uber Eats drivers will be handling both cannabis and food with the same deliveries. If they do, that could raise some questions about who is getting what and when. There could be some risk of cannabis falling into the hands of minors when it is delivered along with a restaurant order.

We Have to Start Somewhere

Uber Eats and Leafly will undoubtedly tweak their partnership as time goes on. Their home delivery program will evolve as problems are identified and addressed. In its early stages, it will not be a perfect solution to the home delivery dilemma. But if cannabis home delivery is ever to be as universal as having products bought Amazon delivered to homes, the industry needs to start somewhere.

Here in the States, the medical cannabis community desperately needs a standardized home delivery system. If you do not understand why, look no farther than the state of Utah. In the Beehive State, there are but 15 licensed medical cannabis pharmacies to serve tens of thousands of patients.

That is not a problem in places like Salt Lake City and Brigham City, where dispensary Beehive Farmacy has two locations. But it is a big problem for rural residents who do not live anywhere near the state’s few metropolitan centers

Imagine living 60 miles from a major city. Without home delivery, you need to drive an hour or more to just get to a licensed pharmacy. Then you need to turn around and drive the same amount of time to get home.

Plenty of people still question the wisdom of canvas legalization. But now that it’s here, we might just as well make the best of it. Maybe we need our own Uber Eats-Leafly partnership for home delivery.

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